I was inspired to make lasagne because we were given two very large summer squashes - one zucchini, one yellow crookneck - that I was afraid might be a bit fibrous and seedy. I sliced them lengthwise into 1/4" thick slabs and used them - raw - as my "noodles":

Bottom of pan: layer of tomato sauce
Layer 1: slabs of squash
Layer 2: sautéed portobello  mushrooms
Layer 3: another layer of squash slabs, topped with tomato sauce
Layer 4: sautéed spinach with garlic and onions
Layer 5: another  layer of squash slabs, topped with tomato sauce
Top: generous sprinkle of Daiya mozzarella-style vegan grated "cheese"

I wrapped the whole thing in foil and cooked for a little more than an hour at 375. Then I removed the foil and broiled for about 2 minutes to brown the "cheese".  When I pulled it out, it looked yummy but was floating in liquid; I hadn't thought about how much water the squashes would release when cooked. In fact, I had put extra generous tomato sauce layers because I was thinking of it like a lasagne made with uncooked noodles. However, with no pasta, it was way too soupy! So, I poured out the the liquid - which would probably have made an excellent base for something else had I thought to retain it - and let it sit for a few minutes. The result? Delightful! 


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