I'm omni for a week. Yes, I know, this upsets some of my noble readers. I appreciate your angst. But here's the problem: I've been tired for quite a while. At first I chalked it up to inadequate B12. I doubled my intake, then changed brands. Then I decided it was grad school, then the end of grad school, and moving, and taking on too much work and attending to too many details. So, I figured it would get better with some rest. I moved. Then I got to slow down and sleep more. No change. More walking, every day. I added a multi-vitamin to my intake. No improvement. I went to the doctor for an annual exam, all my numbers (blood sugar, cholesterol, etc etc) were fine. This past week, I started craving meat. Thinking about it, mouth watering when I thought about how it would taste.  So, I wonder if four months of veganism haven't done something; but I suppose I'll know in a few days... 


06/08/2010 08:10

No rotten produce coming from this end of Virginia! That makes sense to me. I hope you figure it out and get your energy back . . . but I also hope you don't have to sacrifice your vegan experience in the long run!


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