My apologies to my faithful readers for the lack of posts - there has just not been anything happening with me and vegan events that is worthy of a blog post. I have settled into my routine, have mastered finding appropriate foods while traveling (to Florida, Pennsylvania and states in between), and find it quite simple to be a vegan as I approach my 3-month mark. I am feeling well, am about the same weight, and take a fair amount of pride in my commitment. I've been watching back episodes of Kitchen Nightmares on Hulu, wishing I could meet Chef Ramsey, and am hoping for an episode about a serious vegetarian restaurant. 

Given the absence of any events, I'd like to know what you'd like to read. Restaurant reviews? Recipes? Meal plans? Let me know by clicking on the title of this post to leave a comment. 


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    "The Year of the Vegan" is a diary of my challenges and triumphs during 2010 - a year in which I will not consume any animal products. This commitment is motivated by my disgust about the hidden and externalized environmental, social and societal  costs of our nation's food network. Join me considering what we eat, and why.

    This year is also a year of personal transitions - from graduate student and freelance writer living in rural southwestern Virginia to fully-employed DC resident.


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